I quickly got frustrated with the fact that I can’t customize any of the fonts/styles of this blog without paying extra.  SO….I did a little more messing around and figured out how to do my custom header on blogger, just use it as a picture!  yay!  So, we are staying at our original home…at blogger.  I am kind of happy about it, it was like leaving my home or something!



This was a really difficult decision for me, but it all came down to aesthetics.  I wanted…WANTED to be able to put a fancy cute title at the top of my blog and since I can’t seem to quite understand how to edit the HTML manually or get this to work on blogger, then here we are!  I LOVE the fact that I can put what I want up at the top and this site seems to have lots of fancy “widgets” to play around with.  It may not be convenient at first, but I think I will end up liking it.  This site also gives the option to put pictures as “password” safe, so that will be good.

Anyway, what do you think about the new design?  I hope I don’t lose too many readers!